Best Australian Website Hosts for Startups

Irrespective of what your startups’ product or service is, it needs a website. Every website needs a host and we have narrowed down all the billions of web hosts for your convenience. The best host depends on your tech stack, the location of your customers and your budget.

Cloud hosting suitable for Australia or internationally

Cloud hosting is most suitable for websites and apps that are designed to scale from 0-100 (lots of traffic or computing power)

For managed scalable cloud hosting



Cloudways managed cloud hosting leverages cloud hosting from cloud providers such as Digital Ocean. Plans start from ~$1 AUD p/ month.

Whether your startup needs cloud hosting for an app or a website, Cloudways manages the backend reducing the time needed to manage the maintenance. You can create a cloud hosting plan on Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, Google Cloud via Cloudways.

For self-managed scalable cloud hosting


Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is great in its simplicity and its pricing. Their cloud hosting is extremely scalable and starts from ~$7 AUD p/ month.

It performs really well and is a great cost-effective alternative to Amazons AWS. Some comparable plans were half the price compared to a comparable AWS server. 

Website hosting with Australian servers

Share hosting is suitable for startups that only need a brochure website or basic lead generation website.

For cost-effective Australian shared hosting



Cost effective Australian shared hosting that has plans starting from $2.50 p/ month for a basic shared hosting plan.

VentraIP is well regarded due to the use of Australian servers for Shared hosting. Although shared hosting has its limitations, if your startup is after cheap website hosting there nothing is cheaper than shared hosting.

For Australian cPanel VPS hosting


Digital Pacific

Reliable Australian hosting with shared hosting plans, VPS self managed and managed VPS plans with cPanel.

Digital Pacific has some VPS plans which may be suitable for your startup if you prefer something more reliable than shared hosting. Their Australian servers make it suitable for a startup that has an Australian customer base.

Reliable Ecommerce platforms & hosting

Web hosting/platforms suitable for eCommerce startups

For big and small eCommerce websites



Shopify's platform is highly customisable, reliable and robust which is perfect for eCommerce. . Plans start from $12 p/m.

Shopify is the defacto eCommerce engine for online stores. It’s used by both large companies such as JB HiFi and small mum and pop shop that sell just a few items.

For big and small eCommerce websites



Shopify has been the defacto eCommerce engine for online stores big and small. It's used by JB HiFi and small mum and pop shop that sell just a few items.

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Reliable managed WordPress hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is tailored for the WordPress platform

For managed WordPress hosting



Managed hosting configured specifically for WordPress websites. Plans start from $5.99 (special offer)

Although not as fast as VPS or dedicated servers, Sitegrounds is configured to improve the delivery of WordPress websites. The platform has Memcache and Dynamic caching which improves the speed of dynamic websites.

For managed WordPress Cloud hosting


Reliable Australian hosting on the Cloud.