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The daily adventures of Eliza McCann

Eliza combined her love of travel with her passion for children's books to create a kids travel journal. Something to get them off ipads... To ignite their excitement about travelling. To fuel their imagination. A book to connect children with all the wondrous parts of travel - culture, language, landscape, people. You can see more about her book here. 

We asked her what a day in the life of her business is like. After reading this we've decided we're all going to Eliza's house for wine and dinner.

Morning ritual

-       Alarm time? Mostly it’s 6am but some days it’s earlier because I’m cursed/blessed with having a daughter who is a really great swimmer which means we have to get to the pool by 5.15am. She wants to set the alarm for 4.55am so we can be there early but I can’t seem to bring myself to do it. It feels so ‘middle of the night’. The only time I’ll set an alarm that early is for an international flight.

-       Breakfast menu? My best friend came to stay with me and introduced me to Chai tea so I boil up a pot every morning and drink it while I eat my muesli.  There’s one brand of Chai tea that I just love. They sold out the other day which was heartbreaking.

-       Exercise? I love exercise, and If I don’t work out I become grumpy and mean. I try and go to a class whether it be boxing, spin or a circuit, at least four times a week. Living in Melbourne is fabulous because it’s so cycle friendly so I love going for a ride. I also try and walk everywhere I can.

Work arrival

-       What’s the first thing you do? The first thing I do when I get to work is order a coffee because I don’t have an office and work from my local coffee shop. My husband and I set up our laptops across from one another and beaver away.  I pop up and ask him questions at which point he puts on his noise cancelling headphones.

-       What does your day generally look like? We stay there until about midday and then we wander home and raid the fridge for leftovers. My husband is a super cook so there’s usually something pretty delicious in there.

-       What’s on your lunch menu? It could be anything from vegetable frittata to leftover bolognaise.

-       How many problems do you solve throughout the day? That depends what stage I’m at with a book. It could be anything from figuring out what kind of illustration would best suit some text or the price of printing and shipping.

-       Afternoon ritual

-       Maybe a sugar hit or sneaky wine? I would love to have a sneaky wine but I enjoy picking my kids up from school in the afternoon so I don’t think it’d be a good looking to chat to the other parents with booze breathe. Sugar is more my thing. I love to bake. So if I can, I’ll make something before I pick up my ten year old and eight year old girls. There’s nothing more comforting than the smell of baking in the house. My husband curses me and tells me I’m making him fat but it’s not my fault he’s got no self-control!

Night ritual

-       More wine? Ok. Now I can have some wine. We lived in Bali for five years and wine was outrageously expensive so even after being back a year, I still wander down the aisle of our local bottle shop all starry eyed. My husband and I play the game..’How much would you expect to pay for this in Bali’? It’s normally around ten times the price. Wine is such a good reason to have moved back to Australia.

-       Favourite TV show? I love binge-watching TV series.  I’m nearly at the end of Big Little Lies and we recently watched Rectify which I loved. It’s so hard when you say ‘just one more’ knowing you have to be up at 5am, but I manage.

-       Dinner regime? Or maybe you food prep on a Sunday? We eat around 6.30pm or 7am. We all sit down at the dinner table. No screens allowed. I’ve been with my kids most of the afternoon so we’ve pretty much covered all the juicy topics but it’s nice to hang out with them. Even better, they’re on clean-up duty. Someone always has to go to the bathroom at just the right time and they do a really terrible job but it’s better than nothing!

-       Family time? Kids homework etc I’m not very good at supervising homework. I’m terrified what’s going to happen when they get past Year 6 math as I’m terrible at it! The girls will often put on an after dinner performance…something relaxing like Katy Perry’s ‘ROAR’. There’s some pretty sensational dance routines and lip syncing that goes on in our house. We just need a disco ball.

-        Once the kids are asleep I have every intention to sit down and work but I generally end up watching ‘just one episode’ or reading my book and falling asleep on the same page every night.