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Andrew Constantine: Keeping businesses ahead of hackers

Hackers aren't interested in small business, right? Technology is safe because everyone is using it, right? WRONG. The biggest mistake you can make with your cyber security is assuming that as a small business you won't be hacked. We asked Cyber Security Expert, Andrew Constantine from CIO Cyber Security to give us some tips on how you can protect your cyber assets.

Andrew reiterated that ASX and even small businesses will be hacked if they don’t have a key focus on cyber security in the next 2-3 years. The flood of devices will continue to grow and less businesses are taking precautions and instead are just utilising the same approach they did 30 years ago. 

“The best defence is having an absolute powerhouse offense.  Every corporate business really needs to think differently and outside the box when it comes to protecting their company's information assets. What worked 5, 15, 50 years ago isn’t the case now - so it doesn’t make sense that businesses are using that same approach in today's world,” said Mr Constantine. 

“Big and small business can and will be hacked if they don’t step outside their comfort zones,” he said. 

“For example, a large private equity business we have been working with didn’t realise we had entire access to their systems until two weeks had gone by and we actually told them - they couldn’t detect us within their systems!  That is a huge area of concern, not only for the business but stakeholders too.” 

“It’s about adopting the new trends. If you stick to the same old strategies you will have the same old results. We aren’t here to lose points, in fact we always are and will be 1, 2 and 3 steps ahead of the curve because of our totally robust model. We call it the 'Attack Proof Triangle' - which has 3 key area’s every single business must address in order for them to be fully 'attack proof.'”  

Mr Constantine said a hacker doesn’t care how big or small a company is - the #1 priority for an attacker is to prove they are smarter than everyone else in which they are - knowledge plays a vital role again. Here are 5 tips to consider about your cyber security: 

1. What used to work doesn’t anymore. Every single business is told to defend when in reality that is a nil-all approach or even a loss. It's the wrong approach - when you invite pressure you will lose.

2. Don’t rely on automated tools. Automated security tools are great, however if they don’t know a threat exists there’s nothing that can be done to stop that threat.

3. The cloud could can be a double edged sword. There are many who say the cloud is great and many who say they would never put their information in the cloud.  At the end of the day you must do your due diligence when utilising the hybrid cloud.

4. Think twice when someone says, “it’s safe.” We’ve seen all those credit cards who claim they are full proof, yet it’s easy to flaw them - It’s about having the best possible response over the uncontrollable.

5. Collaborate, collaborate and collaborate. People follow people - collaborate with other leaders and advisors.  You never know what they may find before someone else does. 

Mr Constantine said these key 5 elements will definitely help businesses looking to power up their offense.  Andrew has worked with technology executives on all levels and leaving his corporate role behind to embarked on his own journey of educating over 10,000 technology executives. You can find him here.