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Dr Kal: A Day in the Life of an Acupuncturist

Ever wondered how acupuncture could benefit your overall health? Dr Kal is the guy to ask. He's not only passionate about the business of Chinese Medicine, he's also a down to earth, genuinely nice bloke who approaches everything with humour and heart.

Dr Kal founded Ki Acupuncture, Canberra in late 2014 after recognising there are many talented Chinese Medicine Doctors who leave the industry because they lack the business skills required to make a living. This results in few successful clinics. He aims to create a business where talented practitioners can come to work, be busy (all in moderation) and earn a good living doing what they love... Helping others.

"We work in such an amazing field, we get to so often make a huge difference in the lives of our patients," Dr Kal says. "I love what I do, I love helping others and am glad I can help a few other acupuncturists to stay in the line of work they love too."

So what's a day in the life of Dr Kal like? Thought you'd never ask! Here it is below for you. More info about Dr Kal can be found here.

Morning ritual

-  Alarm time? Unfortunately it’s often 5am!
-  Breakfast menu? Buffet breakfast at the Hyatt if I’m networking! Chia seeds, fruit, nuts and yoghurt if it’s a non-networking work day. Crispy bacon, butter sautéed mushrooms, grilled zucchini, poached eggs and hollandaise if it’s the weekend… (I’m an ex-chef).
-  Exercise? Not enough :-P ... My biceps get quite a workout carrying around my 8 week old son. My fiancé might say I get a bit of exercise pushing my luck.

At work
-  What’s the first thing you do? Turn on the coffee machine!
-  What does your day generally look like? A couple of days a week my day starts with a 6:45 or 7:30 networking breakfast. I love getting out to meet new people here in Canberra (since I’m still fairly new to the region) and talking about my work/passion… Acupuncture!

Other day’s I’m at the clinic by 6:30 to open up for my first client at 7am. 'Why so early?!' You ask. Well, it wasn’t my idea- all my 8am spots were booked out and so many people wanted appointments before work so 7am became the start time (no, I’m not opening up for 6am no matter how many people ask for it!)

-  What’s on your lunch menu? Most days I’m so busy I forget about it. But lately I’ve been eating quinoa salad and roast capsicum stuffed with spinach and ricotta (my amazing fiancé is an awesome cook too).
-  How many problems do you solve throughout the day? Lots! Health practitioner, small business owner with 4 staff, and new dad… So many problems to solve! Mostly as a small business owner I find that I’m always wearing many hats (marketing, website management, graphic design, social media, HR, cleaner, etc) and so often the problems are “I’ve never done this before but I need it done, so time to learn a new skill.”

Afternoon ritual

- Maybe a sugar hit or sneaky wine? Sneaky dash over to the Milk Crate Café for a LARGE cappuccino (it’s awesome that the best coffee in town is so close I can see it from my reception windows.)

Night ritual

- More wine? A red wine with a dash of soda water (just try it, you’ll be surprised!)
- Favourite TV show? Game of thrones, the walking dead, the big bang theory.
- Dinner regime? Or maybe you food prep on a Sunday? We often do a big cook on the weekend and freeze it for easy meals during the week. If stuck for inspiration I’ll often resort to my favourite, peanut satay (the secret ingredient is a large spoon of peanut butter.)
- Family time? Kids homework etc. Leo is only 8 weeks old so thankfully there’s no homework yet. Plenty of cuddles, a few nappy changes, and lots of time just staring thinking “wow you’re cute!”