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Living like successful entrepreneurs

Jemimah Ashleigh - Founder, Tangs Design and Co-founder, The Business Experiment

Jemimah Ashleigh - Founder, Tangs Design and Co-founder, The Business Experiment

The business real girls are all about what it really takes to be successful in business. They not only podcast about it, they also test out all those articles you read with tips for business success. Recently, they completed an experiment where they spent a week following the routine of some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs to see if this improved their business. Shevonne was the control subject who did what she has always done. Jemimah followed a 9 step routine that included starting with a 5am wake up each morning, exercising, having a hot shower, completing a passion project, running two businesses and eating the entrepreneurs' breakfasts. She penned this hilarious "day in the life of" account that gives insight into a day of this experiment.

You can see the video of the 'Live Like a Successful Entrepreneur' challenge here.
And listen to the podcast here

5.00       Wake up as part of the 5am 'Live Like a Successful Entrepreneur Challenge'. Wonder why the hell I agreed to this challenge.

5.05        Record a video. I’m half asleep. I’ll later watch this back and be super surprised it makes sense. Dave (my partner) and Munro (my cat) are both still asleep.

5.15        Yoga pants. Check. Yoga mat on the floor. Check. Forget everything I’ve ever learned in five years of yoga classes and roll around like a seal on the floor. Check. Listen to 90’s pop music while doing this. Munro assists by laying next to me.

5.35        Shower. Shave one leg. Forget about the other leg. I will realise this later in the afternoon. Listen to part of a TED X Talk in the shower.

5.45        Dressed in beautiful ‘working at home outfit’ featuring stretchy pants, sports bra and clean t-shirt.

6 - 6.45   Start my passion project by Googling ‘What is a ‘Passion Project’. This is followed by Googling photos of Liam Hemsworth and making a collage of his face. Listen to Natalie Patterson- 'Oh To Be Grateful', 'Resolutions' and 'Healing Humanity'. Check emails. Munro sits next to the computer and sleeps half on the keyboard during this. Dave comes downstairs and asks why there are just photos of Liam Hemsworth everywhere. I say for work. I suspect he does not believe me.

7.00        Breakfast time. This morning is Justin Timberlake's breakfast - poached eggs, with waffles, flaxseed oil. Justin doesn’t have coffee with his breakfast, but I do and I think he would understand so I also make an iced latte. 2 shots of coffee, 4 ice cubes and soy milk.

7.30        Make lunches. Dave leaves for work.

8.00        Start work officially. This morning I am working on putting together some orders for Tangs Design. I have over 200 pairs of earrings that need to be matched with the order and put onto cards. I am able to multi task while doing this. Walking Dead Season 3 is on in the background.

10.00     Break time. Food of choice- Belvita Milk and Grain biscuits and a banana. Check Facebook, Instagram and emails again.

10.30     Errand running. Post Office, buy milk and bread. Remind myself that I am in fact a rockstar. Buy another coffee.

11.30     Podcast editing for the release on Thursday. My sister calls leaves two voicemails. My phone is mostly on silent during the week. I check them and the first one is her talking in a posh accent. The second one is her singing Little Mermaid tunes to my voicemail. I love her.  

12.00     Lunch time. Caeser salad from Aldi and a chocolate protein smoothie. I try to eat well when I can, we juggle a lot of things for The Business Experiment and also Tangs. I eat and work at the same time on the podcast. I try to upload for second tier editing by Shevonne. I will forget to hit upload button. Put on slow cooker for dinner and lunches for the week which this week is green vegetarian curry.

12.30     Start work on Tishi App. This app is being released in two days and Ben and I Skype quickly to discuss. Things are going well. I work on identifying talent which mostly means playing on Etsy and using my contacts.

2.00        Skype meeting with Shevonne and Emily Chadbourne regard a collaboration project in 2017.

3.00        Skype meeting with Shevonne re: The Business Experiment and podcast editing. Realise I forgot to hit upload earlier. Finally upload the podcast for second tier editing.

4.30        Get dressed for uni and realise I’ve only shaved one leg.

5.00        Phone meeting with Daniel Liebeck our photographer regarding an upcoming photoshoot for The Business Experiment. Finish watching Walking Dead season 3.

6.10        Drive to Auslan tutorial. We eat dinner together and sign over dinner. Dinner choice is Grilled Barramundi, vegetables and salad. I also have a pint of soda water which is my favourite drink of all time. Try again to remind myself I am cool.

9.00        Drive home. Make a few calls, including my sister. I get her voicemail and sing Aladdin to her voicemail . Arrive home and hang out with a tired Dave on the couch.

10.00     Go to bed and reluctantly set my alarm for 5am. I reflect on the day and note that yes, this has been a productive day. I watch one episode of Brooklyn 99 and immediately fall asleep.

Jemimah Ashleigh is the Founder of Tangs Design, an Australian, artisan jewellery brand and the Co-founder of The Business Experiment. You can contact her here: tangsdesignjewellery@gmail.com