The Business Experiment is the creative genius of two savvy business women; Jemimah Ashleigh and Shevonne Joyce who decided it was time someone got REAL about what it’s like to be in business - the good, the bad, the ugly. We have started an important global conversation, with a dedicated following through:

  • documenting our personal experiences in business
  • interviewing innovative and ground breaking entrepreneurs and industry experts
  • conducting business experiments, and;
  • sharing the invaluable lessons we learn along the way in an informative, inspiring and entertaining way.

We have listeners in 40+ countries with an audience that grows daily.

If you're looking for REAL information and advice about being successful in business, you're in the right place.


Jemimah and Shevonne would love to say hi our listeners around the globe! Thanks for listening.



Jemimah and Shevonne show their respect to and acknowledge the traditional custodians on this land, of elders past and present, on which our work and lives take place.