We extend thanks to all the fabulous guests who have so kindly shared their business REAL with us.

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The Business Experiment Podcast Andrew Sands Harlequin Belle
The Business Experiment Podcast Eve Mizzi She is Kind


The Business Experiment would not be possible without the talent and dedication of these spunky chickens.

The Business Experiment Podcast Luke Atchison
Kate Ritchie Ethikate


The Business Experiment podcast has been made possible with the support of an extended network of absolute legends that have contributed to this project in some way. From listening to first recordings and giving feedback, to voiceover dudes, to artistic queens and seasoned professionals mentoring us, we appreciate it all. We would like to say thanks to everyone (including, but not limited to):

  • Our families - husbands, partners, toddlers and cats who have been patient, supportive and loving while we get this bad boy on its feet
  • Tim and Penny Hyde
  • Amanda Knight
  • Reid Workman
  • Cathy Maher
  • Emma Leah
  • Rob Luxford
  • Cameron McLaren
  • ... The list goes on.